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Spooky Dash


Spooky Dash retains the core gameplay mechanics of Geometry Dash, introducing several spooky and Halloween-themed elements that differentiate the two versions.

Reiterate the task

You still take the main character, the cube, to complete the challenge without touching any obstacles on the way. Although you can try again many times, learn from the experience so that next time you don't make the same mistake and make the same mistake again. Completing in the shortest time and with the fewest number of attempts will be the person at the top of the list of leading players.

Some of the key differences in Spooky Dash

Halloween theme

The game embraces a Halloween aesthetic throughout the game. The levels, backgrounds, and characters are all adorned with spooky and atmospheric designs, including jack-o'-lanterns, ghosts, haunted houses, and other eerie elements.

New levels and challenges

The game features a set of brand-new levels specifically designed for the Halloween theme. These levels are often filled with creepy obstacles, haunted platforms, and challenging patterns that will test your reflexes and timing.

Halloween soundtrack

The game incorporates a new spooky and Halloween-inspired soundtrack. The music sets the tone for the gameplay and enhances the overall eerie atmosphere, adding an extra layer of immersion to the experience.

Halloween customization options

The game offers additional customization options that allow you to tailor your character's appearance to fit the Halloween theme. You can choose from a variety of spooky skins, icons, and effects to personalize your gameplay experience.

Despite these differences, Spooky Dash retains the addictive gameplay, challenging obstacles, and precise timing that makes Geometry Dash popular. Players familiar with the original game will find themselves navigating through a Halloween-inspired world filled with spooky surprises and thrilling gameplay challenges.