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Super Mario Bros 3X


Super Mario Bros 3X accompanies Mario to rescue the princess imprisoned in the mushroom kingdom. Avoid the onslaught of mushrooms, overcome the challenges and successfully rescue the princess.

Mario is an incredibly popular name that many people know. In every version of Mario has been positively received from players. In this version, let's see how interesting it is with a new situation that Mario has to solve.

Rescue the princess in the mushroom kingdom

During this time to rescue the princess, the mushroom kingdom took her hostage to threaten the rival kingdom. As a brave hero, rescue her once again and show her how much Mario loves her.

Avoid Mushroom army

In this rescue, Mario must go to the mushroom kingdom, where the mushroom is a living creature in its world. Therefore, the whole process of rescuing you will have to face the army of mushrooms and rescue the princess. Mushrooms are a poisonous plant to Mario, so do not let Mario touch them during the rescue. Jump to avoid them or crush them as you choose.

Break the bricks

Like many other versions, Mario needs to break bricks on the way to collect power-ups for the upcoming match. It can be power, coins, as long as you help Mario collect as much as possible during the rescue.

Break into the princess's prison

To get to the place where the princess is imprisoned, you need to do all the challenges during the rescue. The roadmap presents the number of challenges you need to overcome. Overcome them all and proceed to the castle that imprisons the princess.