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Super Mario Riders

Play Super Mario Riders online

In Super Mario Riders, you must help Mario go through the stages by helping him jump over obstacles and other dangerous objects. Are you ready?

Run and jump over obstacles in Super Mario Riders

You can earn stars and coins at each stage. Your total number of coins will grow as you collect them. You can purchase additional characters like Luigi, Toad, and Toadette with the coins. There are potentially lethal obstacles at each level, such as spikes that can be buried in the lava or thrown from above. Any impediment Mario hits will kill him, and you should restart the level. There are likewise many sorts of stars present in the game. There are the typical yellow ones as well as the enormous purple ones. A brick or question block that Mario hits will instantly be destroyed. There is likewise the red mushroom powerup which shields Mario from all snags with the exception of falling in magma for a specific timeframe. Mario has another adventure in Super Mario Rush. Moreover, you can have fun with The Lost Pyramid, Galactic Flight or Geometry Dash Meltdown.