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Taffy: Adventure Of A Lunchtime


Taffy: Adventure Of A Lunchtime helps Taffy, a raccoon disguised as a cat, eat sandwiches and stay in his owner. Have the right strategy to avoid obstacles.

Featured animated film Taffy

Taffy is a popular cartoon series of Cartoon Network, the story is about a raccoon who intends to make a living in a rich family but he is really lucky to have Mrs. Muchmore is recognized as a cat thanks to a red collar. Taffy is considered a cat and enjoys the best of Mrs. Muchmore. However, her loyal dog has sensed that Taffy is not a cat and is looking for ways to expose Taffy.

Help Taffy eat lunch

Help Taffy eat a hearty lunch of sandwiches. Eating a sandwich is not an easy thing. Once eaten is a time when the rope tied around the neck is loosened. You need a strategy to be able to eat all the sandwiches and still be safe when sitting in Mrs. Muchmore the bow is still there. Some of the obstacles that hinder you in the process of completing the mission include electric gates or encountering the dog Bentley. Don't let them get in the way of your mission.

Obstacles in earning food

Taffy only has a maximum of two lives when going through the electric portal. If you continue to touch the electric gate for the third time in a row, Taffy will lose his life.

Bentley dog standing guard on the road. If you move to the dog, it will give you a full meal and you may be exposed.

You need a strategy to both ensure your life is preserved, and you can eat all the sandwiches without encountering Bentley and going to Mrs. Muchmore is waiting for you.

Collect three stars

To be able to collect three stars, you need to eat all the sandwiches in the most perfect way without being affected by the electric gates or meet the dog on the road and go directly to where Mrs. Muchmore is waiting for you.