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Tap Skaters Online

About Tap Skaters Online

An exciting skateboarding experience is opening in Tap Skaters Online. You just need to click on the screen to change direction and keep the skateboard moving.

If in Skate Hooligans, you will be skateboarding on street terrain, in this game, you will be skating on a special terrain - a construction site. Slide tracks are scaffolding on the construction site. On this slide, there will be obstacles such as concrete and reinforcement. You cannot let your character touch these obstacles, otherwise, you lose. The scaffoldings will be arranged along the slope and the obstacles will be at the end of the ramp. Your skateboard will move in the direction of the slope, so you must quickly change direction to avoid obstacles.

The direction of the slopes will be randomly sorted. While these slopes will be arranged in the same direction, sometimes they will be arranged in the opposite direction. You must quickly move to the opposite slope to continue the game. Are you ready to create the record in this game? Play and go far

How to control

Your skateboard will move forward automatically. You use the mouse to click on the screen and change the direction of your skateboard.