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Tap Tap Shots

Throw a ball into basket in Tap Tap Shots

You can't ignore Tap Tap Shots if you like basketball games. You have to throw a ball into hoops. This game is endless until you miss a ball in the basket.

Your task of Tap Tap Shots

To ensure that the basketball comes in the basket as many times as possible, you will control it. In this game, you must adjust the distance. The ball bounces higher as you click the mouse double. However, if the ball is either too high or too low for the basket, it cannot be hit. You need to dunk the ball in each of the two baskets that are on either side. Each time the ball is put into a basket, there is a time limit. Within those few seconds, you must adjust the ball to fit into the basket. You lose if you are unable to put the ball in the basket. The height of the basket changes with every throw. They could ascend or descend, or they could be shifted from the highest to the lowest position. Score by not missing a single ball. If you aren't interested in this game, you are able to play Geometry Dash Meltdown, Apple Worm, Four In A Row, Geometry Dash Lite, etc.