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About the TenTrix game

Play and immerse yourself in the challenges of the TenTrix. You have to arrange the position of the tetromino so that you can delete as many as possible.

The tetromino blocks come in a variety of colors and shapes. Your task is to arrange the tetromino blocks in a 9x9 grid so that you can clear as many tetromino blocks as possible. These tetromino blocks will appear in the order of 3 consecutive blocks. Only when you finish arranging these 3 blocks will the other 3 tetromino blocks appear. This is both beneficial and harmful. Tetromino appears in the order of 3 giving you more variety to choose from because you can arrange any block first. However, you will not be able to exchange the tetromino block until it is sorted into the board. Unwanted tetromino blocks will ruin your sort order.

How to solve the puzzles in TenTrix

You use the mouse to arrange the tetromino blocks into the board. When these tetromino blocks form a vertical or horizontal row of 9 tetrominoes standing side by side, they will be removed from the board. You consecutively clear tetromino blocks to get a high score in this game.