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Thug Racer

Enjoy the Thug Racer game

Drive while enjoying great music in Thug Racer. Drive fast through the bends and escape from the police car. Be careful when the police car drives behind!

Speed up in Thug Racer

Join Ratty and Weasel, two wannabe criminals, on an epic driving adventure based on an arcade classic from the 1980s! As you accelerate across the tracks, start the engine and feel the speed. You can choose which of the five goal lines you'll travel on if you can outrun other cars and get to one of them. Keep an eye out for speed traps as you travel; the police are there to perform their duties, and you will not make their lives easier! As you drive down the highway, keep an eye out for palm trees and other motorists. If you are bored with this game, you can find the fun in Soccer Skills, Geometry Dash Meltdown, Skate Hooligans or Blumgi Ball. They can make you laugh and reduce stress.