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Tiles Hop

About Tiles Hop

Test your reflexes in the Tiles Hop game. Here, you will constantly have to constantly play to keep the music working. Play and enjoy this game.

Tiles Hop is a music-related puzzle game, in which you have to constantly hit the keys with a fast rhythm. The rhythms of the game are quite varied and you can choose before you start playing. The keys will appear in completely random positions, you will have no idea about where the next note will appear. Therefore, this game requires you to be really sharp to be able to maintain the music soon. In addition, this is a fast-paced game so you need good reflexes. You maintain the track until it ends. If the track has to end in the middle, you lose.

How to keep the music playing

You have to keep hitting the keys to keep the music active. A ball will move forward, this ball will bounce on the keys. You move the mouse to control the direction of the ball. If the ball does not bounce on the keys, the music will stop and you lose. Do you understand the rules of the game? Play and enjoy this wonderful music.

Control: Hold and drag the mouse.