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Tiny Fishing

About Tiny Fishing


Welcome to Tiny Fishing, an arcade game for single players! This game will bring you an ideal environment to catch fish and enjoy your free time. In particular, this Tiny Fishing game doesn't have many rules to play. Therefore, all ages can experience this online game.

Controls Of Tiny Fishing

Use your MOUSE to slide and catch as many fishes as possible.

More Information For You

Coming to this fishing game, you can immerse yourself in the sea world with various species of fish. Boating in the ocean and catching fish are your main activities. It gives you a comfortable feeling in the middle of an endless blue space. The thrill of this arcade game is different from running or adventure games like Geometry Dash Meltdown. The peace is your feel each time you play it.

In order to catch fish, you need to use a hook. Your hook can catch 3 fishes at the same time in a certain depth. You can upgrade your hook to work more effectively. Note that there are many sea creatures and each type of these species has a unique value. Hook upgrades will help you catch valuable fish. Good luck!