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Traffic Command


Traffic Command turns you into a traffic controller. By adjusting the traffic lights so that the vehicles on the road are not congested and there are no accidents.

Become a traffic light driver

Your task is to adjust the traffic lights so that the vehicles on the road do not have a traffic jam or an accident. You have the right to choose which traffic lights to go or stop, but limit to avoid congestion. Clear traffic will help you earn more points. If you leave the traffic jam for too long, you will receive less points, and you may even be stopped playing if the traffic is overloaded.

The challenges will get harder and harder as you have to adjust more and more traffic lights. Try to avoid traffic jams and complete the mission within the time allowed.

A few things to note

Number of cars taking the challenge

To find out how many cars you need to lead on the road, look at the number of cars you need to do on the left side of the screen. The number will tell you how many cars you have left to do the task. And pay attention to the time, finish ahead of time to move on to a new goal.


You only have one mistake when a traffic accident occurs. Trying to limit yourself from this situation will help you quickly achieve your goal of success.


You have just over a minute to take on the challenge. Accompanying that is the number of vehicles that need to go through. Finishing before the time ends is the winner.