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Ultimate Sudoku HTML5

Play Ultimate Sudoku HTML5

Do not miss the intriguing puzzles in Ultimate Sudoku HTML5. In this game, you will challenge your brain by solving puzzles involving numbers. You will have to arrange the numbers from 1 to 9 into a 9x9 grid. You arrange these numbers into the grid so that they do not overlap horizontally, vertically, and even in the 3x3 mini-grid. When you misalign, the game will not warn you. This will cause you to take more wrong steps and gradually it will lead you to a dead end. So every time you enter a number into the grid, you need to think carefully. You also need to speculate on the next move for the numbers.

You should focus on small goals to be able to solve puzzles more easily. You need to find the missing numbers on the board and compare them horizontally and vertically to make sure they do not overlap. Also, you should focus on a few. Limiting the numbers to be completed also makes the game easier. What are you waiting for without playing this interesting game? Let's play and challenge your brain.

How to control

Use the mouse to place the number into the grid.