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Undead 2048

Getting to know Undead 2048

The most cruel monsters and monsters emerge from the hiding place on Halloween. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of an ancient castle filled with ferocious witches, evil vampires and other monsters. Purge the palace from evil spirits in Undead 2048, a game based on the famous 2048 puzzle but with Halloween skins and backgrounds. Remember that the spirits are not only cunning, but also extremely bloodthirsty.

Rules for Undead 2048

Depending on your experience goal, this game has many different difficulty levels that you can choose from, the harder level will be harder than the classic level. Everything moves together by using the mouse to slide them right, left, up and down. To merge two objects of the same type, you must match them. Once combined, the objects will upgrade to form a larger new object. The game will end when you reach the point where you can't make any more moves. It is possible of the game 2048, match them so that it reaches the number 2048 with a mysterious character. Play and discover which mysterious character represents the number 2048.