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Vampire Survivors

About Vampire Survivors

Have you ever played Vampire Survivors, a survival action game? In this online game, you need to control your character to eliminate as many vampires as possible and live as long as possible. However, it's difficult to get this goal because there are many dangers. How long can you survive? How many vampires can you kill? Let's start and show your abilities!

Category In Vampire Survivors

This game is a single-player game in which you can experience exciting features of both running games and action games. In the Vampire Survivors game, you have to direct your character continuously to avoid your dangerous enemies. It's similar to running non-stop in Geometry Dash Meltdown to avoid various obstacles. Besides, you also need to destroy vampires. It's intense because there is an endless number of vampires that brings you thrilling battles as an action game.

All Levels

There is no level. Instead, you will play each infinite match until you die. After death, you will return to the main screen and it's possible to restart a new match.

Other Information

The Vampire Survivors game will provide you with power-ups and items. You can collect items after killing a vampire. Power-ups are available in the Power-up section.