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Waffle Ice Cream


Waffle Ice Cream will teach you how to make a waffle. Many people choose this cake for snack food, but many people do not know how to make them at home.

Waffle's Origin

Waffles have been discovered since the Middle Ages and over the years have been transformed and adapted for the present times. Belgium is known as a country that consumes a large number of Waffles, so it is possible that people will mistake Waffle as a specialty food of Belgium. Since Belgium is the largest Waffle consumer in the world, it has also created many Waffle dishes with different flavors and ingredients. The current waffle is a cake made from flour and eggs and then pressed into a press shaped like stripes to form many different cells. It is then decorated with many different ingredients to create many different types of food. For example in combination with honey, cream, ect.

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How to make Waffle in Waffle Ice Cream

There are three stages to making Waffle Ice Cream

Prepare the ingredients

Below will prepare you some tools according to the to-get list. Take the right things on the list and choose the right ones. Things that are taken correctly will have a chirping sound and those that are taken incorrectly, it will not make a sound or have any changes.

Mix cake ingredients

Mix the egg ingredients for the four ingredients of eggs, vanilla, salt, and cooking oil in turn, and stir to dissolve them.

Mix the flour ingredients including flour, all-purpose flour, salt, and sugar in order, then stir them.

Mix the two ingredients together to create a finished waffle ingredient and ready to bake.

Prepare a separate Waffle grill, pour the dough into the mold, close the lid and wait for the cake to cook. After the cake is cooked, put it on a plate to prepare for the decoration step.

Cake decoration

After the cake has finished baking, decorate the cake with cream and fruit to make it more beautiful and richer than a normal Waffle. Enjoy the fruits of a waffle making session. This recipe you can make in real life, because this game is based on the recipes of famous bakers.