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Water Flow Puzzle

About Water Flow Puzzle

Play Water Flow Puzzle and solve simple puzzles. The pipes have been separated and you need to rearrange their positions to make a complete flow.

A ball is being soaked in a hot tub, if he continues to soak in this hot tub, he will explode. Your task is to change the position of the water pipes and form a complete flow. You just need to complete this simple task to pass the level. The task sounds simple, but to be able to complete this task at many different levels is not easy. You have to use all your thinking ability to be able to solve the puzzle. Are you ready for these challenges? Join the Geometry Dash Meltdown website now to challenge your brain.

Play Water Flow Puzzle

To form a complete flow you need to change the direction of the water pipes. You use the mouse to change the direction of the water pipes. After the pipes have the same direction of flow, they will automatically stick together and form a complete flow. From that, the flow will bring water to the ball and you pass the level.

How to control: You use the mouse and click the water pipe to change their direction.