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Zombie Market


Zombie Market transforms humans into zombies. They're heading to the mall and are looking for some healthy-minded victims to transform. Transform all zombies and collect stars.

The plot of the game

A couple is shopping together in the mall. Suddenly the girl saw the signs saying Sale that she couldn't take her eyes off. She rushes into shopping frenzy and tries all the items. Her boyfriend had to wait for her to try on clothes for a long time. He fell asleep and when he woke up his girlfriend still hadn't tried on the clothes and it made him very upset. He transformed into a zombie and went around transforming humans to look like him.

Transforming humans into zombies

What you need to do is transform the people in the mall into Zombi. Drag the main character to where the human is standing and transform them. You need to manually adjust the force of the shot to be fast or slow to change the person depending on the situation. In the process of moving, be careful of obstacles that can destroy you.

Number of steps

The bottom left corner of the screen will show the number of steps you can take to move your character to locations with people. Try to complete the task with fewer steps or out of the available steps.

Collect stars

In every challenge, in addition to transforming people. You also need to collect stars. The number of stars you collect is the reward for the challenge you have overcome.