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Crazy Rush 3D


Crazy Rush 3D is a car racing game with many attractive features. While reaching the finish line within the allotted time, you will also eliminate opponents and collect diamonds.

Conquer Crazy Rush 3D

If you are a fan of racing games, then Crazy Rush 3D can also become a member of your favorite games list. Are you ready to join the challenge?

Game rules

This game has a very simple gameplay. You will participate in a racing competition where the best racers gather. Your task is to control your car to the finish line in the fastest time possible. You have about 20 seconds to complete this challenge.

Along the way, you can take advantage of the speeding plates to get ahead of your opponents and reach the finish line faster. Even after speeding up, and catching up with the opponent, you can also kill to eliminate them from the track. Every time you kill an opponent, you can also get more coins.


Use the mouse to control.

What are coins used for?

The crazy Rush 3D game has a similar feature to Stick Merge. If in Stick Merge, you will merge guns to get better weapons, so is in Crazy Rush 3D.

You can buy cars from the smallest, cheapest to merge similar cars and build the final car. It will be a car that is both beautiful and has a good engine.