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Experience the Murder game

Play a fun game with a theme, not for the faint of heart. That's the Murder game. You will probably have to complete two tasks with different roles.

It's a fun game of murder! You will literally be following in the wake of a tyrant monarch. Do you have what it takes to end his tyranny? Slowly creep up on him and then strike with your dagger when the time is right! In this game of murder, however, the head with the crown is heavy. If you succeed in taking the throne and are brave enough to do so, you might find yourself being followed by an assassin! You will be thrown into the nearest dungeon if he sees you! If you want to enjoy a thrilling game, you can try Impostor Killer, Squid Guard, Geometry Dash Meltdown or Death Chase.

Game controls

  • Press the spacebar to prepare your attack
  • Release the space bar if you think the king is about to turn around.