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Piggy Night


Piggy Night is a game with the task of bringing the pig into the circle. Surrounded by evil forces. Be patient and wait is the secret to playing this game.

Rescue the pig

Our lovely pig is an animal with the power to attract a lot of dark forces. They don't want the pig to fly up and will be around to interfere. A ring to protect the pig will be surrounded to avoid dark forces from entering and obstructing. This protective ring can help the pig fly up without any obstacles. However, the dark forces will not stand still. They will stay around the hoop and prevent the pig from entering it. The pig can't solve this, please help him.

The game has no end

Try to get into the rings as far as possible. Each move into the circle adds one point. Try to take advantage of the loopholes to move the pig into the next ring. The game will stop when you hit the monsters and can't land in the circle.

Keep up the challenge

Try to climb the circles without hitting the monsters. You will be ignored and continue to take the challenge if you hit them once but the chance will not give a second time. If you accidentally touch it again, you will stop the game.

Take on other challenges

This game is rated as light. Just a little patience and waiting will achieve great results. Besides, you can also try harder challenges in Snake.