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Tank Wars 2


Introduction of Tank Wars 2

Welcome to Tank Wars 2, one of the best tank games. Are you ready to take part in this intense battle?

Your mission in Tank Wars 2

Coming to this game, you will be accompanied by a spirit who drives a tank. Help him aim accurately at the enemies in front of him. Either you hit and destroy the enemy, or you will be destroyed by them. It's better to take down your opponents as quickly as possible before they attack.


Use the mouse to aim and shoot.

Some notes for players in Tank Wars 2

The game is attractive, but to be able to become a master of the game, you need to pay attention to some of the following issues.

  • You will get coins for every successful kill of the enemy.
  • During the game, sometimes there will be items falling, collect them to be stronger.
  • Use coins to upgrade your tank.
  • There are 2 modes in the game. Easy mode can be played when you are a beginner. You can play hard mode when you have mastered the skills and compete with other stronger opponents.

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