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Ships 3D


About Ships 3D

Welcome to Ships 3D's ocean battle! What will you do when attacked in the middle of the sea? Play as a captain, take control, and do everything you can to protect your ship, yourself, and your crew.

Play Ships 3D

This attractive battle will give you the extreme opportunity to become a pirate captain. Control your ship to move on the sea, and attack any enemy with the cannon on the ship. If you hit them, you will get points. Shoot them until their ships sink. At the same time, you should also try to attack and defend so that your ship does not sink.


  • Use the arrow keys to steer.
  • Click the mouse to attack.

Game Features of Ships 3D


To make your ship stronger and more durable, you can upgrade it. So, how to upgrade? You can use the coins collected through battles to upgrade your ship.

This game is one of the favorites on our platform. You can also find many other interesting games like Geometry Dash Meltdown, Marshmallow Ninja, and Tank Wars 2.

Invite friends

Ships 3D allows players to invite friends to join a ship and fight. You can generate a code and send it to your friends to invite them to join, and become a crew member on your ship. Or, you can also join another ship and enjoy the game with other players. Besides, if you want to control your ship by yourself, you can play alone, and recruit more bots of the game. However, the more members your ship has, the more fun and easier to win.